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A little advice when chosing driving lessons
1) Driving instructors (ADI's) should be reliable, courteous, polite, friendly and most of all...encouraging! I hear too many horror stories from pupil's that their previous instructor was none of the above.... Please if you come into contact with a driving instructor like that..change them, its your money!
2) There should be no other pupil in the car while you are learning, this practice is commonly known as 'piggy backing' and is not good. I do not 'piggy back' at all.
3) When choosing a driving instructor, firstly make sure they are fully qualified (ADI) and hold a green badge in the windscreen (very important) A pink badge is for training purposes only and will run out after 6 months this is called a PDI (I am an ADI - Fully Qualified)
4) Before you take your driving lessons, try to download "The Highway Code" to your phone. This will be a great head start for when you see me!
5) Last but not least, Enjoy your lessons and good luck!